Our Pre-school program for children aged three to six years builds on lessons learnt in Baby Swim, however this does not prevent inexperienced children from entering the program or children with previous experience from another swim school. The program is designed to prepare them for life around water, while teaching them fundamental swimming techniques and skills and to enable young swimmers to develop water awareness, confidence and independence in a class without a parent.
Children are placed in ability-appropriate lessons to ensure a suitable learning level environment.

Children at this level are educated by:

  • Reinforcing basic water skills such as back floats, front floats, gliding front and back, kicking front and back, eyes in exhaling and blowing bubbles.
  • Developing independent movement on both front and back.
  • Encouraging safe water practices, teaching basic water safety.
  • Commencing the development of correct stroke technique.
  • Basic rescue techniques.

Maximum 4 children per class.

If you are experiencing difficulties downloading the form or have any queries, please feel free to contact Rachel

Alternatively, Rachel can be contacted by phone 9271 9422. The best times to call her during the week are:

  • Monday and Friday: 2pm – 5pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 10am – 3pm

Classes are run 7 days a week. All classes (except Tuesdays) are run in the morning. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there are afternoon classes available.

Please contact Rachel if you have any enrolment enquiries. Alternatively check our Facebook page for regular updates.