We provide a number of important services for breastfeeding mothers.

Our Lactation Consultant works with mothers to provide education and support on their breastfeeding journey. They help solve breastfeeding problems, which include teaching mothers how to position their babies when feeding, helping their child to latch and developing healthy feeding routines. As well as the physical help they provide, they offer encouragement and emotional support.

Lactation consultants generally work with parents in the first few weeks of their babies life, but can offer support to pregnant parents or parents several months later to provide breastfeeding tips and advice.

Our Lactation Consultant can see clients antenatally to begin the process of learning how to successfully breastfeed after delivery. They can also see women suffering with pain and nipple damage due to latch issues.

Laser Therapy for Nipple Trauma

Laser therapy is therapeutic light therapy that assists in supporting the healing process when nipples have experienced trauma due to breastfeeding. Laser therapy can also facilitate pain reduction associated with breastfeeding. Laser therapy does not cause pain and is a safe form of treatment for mothers who are actively breastfeeding.

Therapeutic Ultrasound for Blocked Ducts or Lumps Associated with Mastitis

Therapeutic Ultrasound is high intensity sound waves used to facilitate shifting blockages in milk ducts associated with breastfeeding. Blocked ducts can occur with and without mastitis and can feel like firm, tender lumps within the breast tissue that fail to clear easily with feeding or gentle massage. Therapeutic Ultrasound is a safe treatment for actively breastfeeding mothers. However if you have mastitis and have been prescribed anti-biotics by your GP, we need ~24 after starting anti-biotics before commencing treatment. Blocked ducts in the absence of mastitis (local and/or systemic signs of inflammation) can safely undergo ultrasound at any point.

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