Here at Mercy Physiotherapy, we offer both Postnatal and Antenatal Aqua Aerobics classes.

Antenatal Aqua Aerobics can be highly beneficial throughout your pregnancy. The water supports the weight of your body, which reduces the pressure on the pelvic floor. Our Antenatal Classes are also great for maintaining an active lifestyle or improving your mood and mental state.

Postnatal Aqua Aerobics is great for regaining strength after your pregnancy and at the same time, introducing your baby (6weeks to 6months) to water. The first part of this class is spent having a bit of fun in the water with your baby. You then get 30 minutes to feed and settle your young one. Our babysitter takes over from this point, so you are able to get back into the water to exercise along side the physiotherapist.

Are these classes of interest to you? Please don’t hesitate to give our friendly receptionists a call on 9271 9422 to make a booking.