Katie graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Notre Dame in 2010 and has since gathered a diverse range of experiences, working in both private practice and hospital settings. Katie has also completed a post-graduate diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and is currently completing her Masters in Pelvic Health and Continence Physiotherapy at Curtin.

With her hands-on experience in various physiotherapy roles, Katie has honed her skills in assessing and managing musculoskeletal and sporting injuries, jaw pain, and is passionate about pelvic health physiotherapy.

Katie has completed DMA clinical Pilates training, and has extensive experience teaching clinical Pilates, and constructing exercise rehabilitation programs.

When she’s not busy with work, Katie is a dedicated mum to two young children who keep her on her toes. She’s passionate about staying active and enjoys running and swimming. Drawing from her own experiences, Katie loves helping new mums get back into their exercise routines safely and effectively, especially when it comes to running.