Please bring any x-rays, scans or other medical tests that are relevant to your injury to your appointment with a Physiotherapist.

For ease of examination, please wear comfortable clothing or a change of clothes that allows our practitioners and physiotherapists to adequately view and assess the injured area, this is particularly pertinent for injuries to the shoulder/thoracic region and the hip/knee region. We respectfully ask all female patients with shoulder-related injuries to consider wearing or bringing along a singlet.

Our Physiotherapists regularly incorporate exercise therapy and rehabilitation into their consultations, therefore access to clothing and footwear that allows you to move freely and comfortably while performing functional tasks or exercises may be required.

For Orthotic Assessment, please bring your sports shoes and/or work shoes. Ladies may benefit from bringing a small selection of your usual footware.

For Compartment Pressure Testing, you will need to bring clothes and footwear suitable for exercise.